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Colleen M. Newbill and D. Michael Allen Represent EFF in Cybersecurity Privacy Right Case

On Behalf of | Nov 30, 2020 | Business Law, Firm News

Mallor Grodner LLP attorneys Colleen M. Newbill and D. Michael Allen, collaborating with Indiana University School of Law professor Joseph A. Tomain, recently represented the Electronic Frontier Foundation to defend important privacy rights concerning cybersecurity research.

The case involved an attempt by the Russian financial firm Alfa Bank to unmask anonymous cybersecurity researchers who reported observing internet communications between Alfa Bank and the Trump Organization in 2016. EFF submitted an amicus curiae brief to provide the Court with additional assistance and perspective in determining the extent of the privacy rights at risk and the legal standard that needed to be met before the identities of anonymous cybersecurity researchers could be revealed.

Following a hearing, the Court ruled against Alfa Bank and the cybersecurity researchers were able to remain anonymous. A report published by the Electronic Frontier Foundation with additional details on the success of the brief can be read in its entirety here:

Newbill and Allen are part of Mallor Grodner’s Privacy and Information Security practice group. They represent the firm’s clients in wire fraud recovery, cyberstalking, policy development, regulatory compliance, and other privacy and information security matters. Mike Allen and Colleen Newbill can be contacted by calling our Bloomington office at 812-332-5000 or our Indianapolis office at 317-453-2000.

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