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Two Mallor Grodner LLP Attorneys Earn Family Law Specialist Certification

by | Nov 8, 2021 | Firm News

Jenna L. Heavner and Timothy M. Sledd recently earned their Family Law Specialist Certification from the Family Law Certification Board of the Indiana State Bar Association. The Indiana State Bar Association is an Independent Certifying Organization (ICO) for Family Law and Trust and Estate Law and announced the Family Law Specialist certifications on November 6, 2021.

The goal of the Family Law Certification program is to recognize attorneys who have achieved a level of experience and expertise in family law and to advance professionalism and civility in this area of practice. Certified specialists exceed basic proficiency and demonstrate extraordinary knowledge and skill, strengthening the practice of law and enhancing the state’s legal profession. The program is administered by the Family Law Certification Board, which seeks to develop and improve the professional competence of lawyers in the area of family law.

In order to be certified, an attorney must pass an exam in the area of family law, meet practice and continuing education requirements, and receive favorable evaluations by other attorneys and judges familiar with the attorney’s work in the area of family law.

Both Jenna and Tim practice primarily in family law matters. Both are also Registered Domestic Relations Mediators, trained Parenting Coordinators, and frequently serve as Court-appointed Guardians ad Litem for children. Tim and Jenna are trained collaborative professionals and members of the Bloomington Association of Collaborative Professionals.

Mallor Grodner LLP now has the distinction of having six Certified Family Law Specialists. In addition to Jenna and Tim, Andy Mallor, Kendra Gjerdingen, Carrie Batalon, and Lisa Anderson are also Certified Family Law Specialists.

Contact Timothy M. Sledd in our Bloomington office, 812.332.5000, and Jenna L. Heavner in our Indianapolis office, 317.453.2000.