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Inspired by the high profile split of Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt, the New York Times recently reviewed the various processes available to divorcing couples in its article “How Rich Couples Who Aren’t Pitt and Jolie Manage Their Divorces.” Sullivan, Paul. “How Rich Couples Who Aren’t Pitt and Jolie Manage Their Divorces.” New York Times 30 Sept. 2016. The article highlights Collaborative Divorce for its flexibility, ability to reduce cost and uncertainty, focus on preserving family relationships and assets, and support of a multi-disciplinary professional team.

Collaborative Divorce is an option for divorcing couples who seek support for crafting their own solutions and outcomes, rather than having decisions imposed on them by the court system. It puts the focus on each client’s interests and goals and relies on respectful negotiation, aided by a team of professionals qualified to address the complete range of legal, financial, and emotional issues present in divorce. Rather than fueling conflict, Collaborative Divorce emphasizes dignity and helps clients who are parents learn to work together to raise healthy, happy children.

As the Times article explains, divorcing couples today have choices, and “parties need to step back and consider what kind of divorce they want.” Mallor Grodner attorneys are recognized as leaders in Collaborative Divorce and the other options available to resolve clients’ family legal issues. Please click here for more information on Collaborative Practice.