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Helping You Protect and Grow Your Business

Mallor Grodner helps enterprises succeed by combining extensive knowledge of business law with years of practical business experience. We offer astute guidance on critical business decisions and transactions to help you protect your businesses’ financial integrity and provide a secure foundation for growth.

As your business grows, we can serve as a sounding board for ideas, alert you to business risks, and help you spot and take advantage of opportunities.  We can also help you work through and negotiate the fine points of strategic deals.

Our strong business IQ is not only a reservoir of sensible counsel; it also keeps us nimble, accessible and responsive. We’ll call you or email you back when you need answers, and we won’t over-engineer solutions. No matter how deep, complicated or stressful the engagement, a Bloomington business law attorney at our firm will calmly focus on achieving the best possible outcome and protect your long-term interests.

Strategic Planning for Your Business

Planning for the future is critical to the success of your business.  You and your business may need to plan for a transition in ownership or leadership, or both.  You may need to develop plans and strategies for remaining competitive in your industry.  The business attorneys at Mallor Grodner work with you step-by-step to develop those plans and strategies and will also be there to assist with implementation of those plans and strategies.

Many of our attorneys have had hands-on experience in owning and managing businesses.  They bring that experience and their in-depth knowledge of Business Law, when working with you to develop plans for transition of your business or strategic initiatives.  Mallor Grodner works with you as attorneys, experienced counsel and trusted advisor to assure the success of your business and the best possible legal and life solutions.

Our legal services include:

  • Business Organization – Setting up a business correctly and keeping it properly maintained can help build a foundation for your success.
  • Transition and Strategic Planning – Planning for the future of businesses with strategies to stay competitive in your industry and for possible transitions in ownership or leadership.
  • Employment Law – We can help with all areas of employer/employee relationship.
  • Business Transactions – Transactions are the lifeline of every business, whether purchasing a business, borrowing money or entering into a joint venture relationship, our business lawyers can help.
  • Business Litigation – Our attorneys can address both the simple and complex litigation claims your business may face.
  • Motor Vehicle Dealerships – Mallor Grodner has extensive experience assisting motor vehicle dealerships with all regulatory, financing, transactional and related business issues.
  • Real Estate – A real estate attorney can help your business buy sell or lease and assist with the legal issues arising when financing is involved.

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