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Understanding How Arbitration Operates

Arbitration is a process in which a neutral third-party arbitrator or an arbitration panel considers the facts and arguments presented by the parties and renders a decision. Each party submits their case materials to the arbitrator or to the arbitration panel chair at a hearing.

Following the hearing, the arbitrator or arbitration panel chair files a written determination of the arbitration proceeding with the court. If the parties have agreed to binding arbitration, the court enters judgment on the determination. If the parties agreed to non-binding arbitration, the parties have an opportunity to file a response to the arbitration determination. If a nonbinding determination is not rejected, the determination is entered by the court as judgment or as a joint stipulation.

If the nonbinding determination is rejected, all evidence is returned to the parties, and all acceptances and rejections are sealed and placed in the case file. The matter would then proceed to trial.

Arbitration is a form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR) that allows the parties the opportunity to avoid a trial. At Mallor | Grodner Attorneys, we have extensive experience in these matters, both as arbitrators and as attorneys to parties engaged in arbitration.

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