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Helping You Protect And Grow Your Business

Mallor Grodner Attorneys help businesses succeed by combining extensive knowledge of business law with years of practical business experience. We offer astute guidance regarding critical business decisions and transactions to help you protect the financial integrity of your business and ensure a secure foundation for growth.

As your business grows, we can serve as a sounding board for ideas, alert you to business risks, and help you identify and take advantage of opportunities. We can also help you work through and negotiate the fine points of strategic deals. Our strong business IQ is not only a reservoir of sensible counsel; it also keeps us nimble, accessible and responsive. We will call you or email you back when you need answers, and we won’t over-engineer solutions. No matter how deep, complicated or stressful the engagement, we will calmly focus on achieving the best possible outcome and protecting your long-term interests.

To schedule a meeting with an experienced business law attorney, please call us at 317-580-4959 or 317-453-2000, or complete our contact form. With offices in Bloomington and Indianapolis, our attorneys represent clients throughout Indiana.

Helping Your Business Organize And Grow

The attorneys at Mallor Grodner possess the understanding and creativity necessary to address the organizational and governance issues facing many new and existing businesses, including initial entity choice, governance and management structure, voting and control issues, the addition of owners and investors, the creation of subsidiaries and related entities, and restructuring and reorganization. Questions of business organization and structure often require a business owner to consider complex questions regarding taxation, limits on control and decision-making authority, contributions and participation by various owners, and the division of profits and losses. Our attorneys deal with these questions and others on a regular basis and can help guide you to the best choices and solutions for your particular business.

Day-To-Day Business Transactions

Buying, selling, merging, financing and other business transactions involve complexities that require knowledgeable, experienced and responsive legal counsel. Timely action and prompt communication are keys to keeping a transaction moving. The attorneys at Mallor Grodner and our staff are committed to remaining in constant contact with you from the start of planning for a transaction through its successful conclusion. Our attorneys listen to you and work to achieve the best possible outcome for you and your business.

Our business transaction services include the following:

  • Asset purchase transactions, including real estate sales and purchases
  • Equity purchase transactions
  • Capital funding and private offerings
  • Mergers and acquisitions
  • Trademark registrations and licensing
  • Financing and loan transactions

Mallor Grodner Attorneys also have extensive experience in motor vehicle dealership counsel. For an in-depth look at our legal services for motor vehicle dealerships, please see our overview of Indiana Dealer Counsel. We advise and represent dealerships throughout Indiana and the surrounding states.

Representing You In Business Litigation Matters

If you or your business is sued or needs to file a lawsuit, the attorneys at Mallor Grodner are prepared to help you get you the best possible outcome. We stand by you and aggressively protect your rights and interests with honesty and integrity. Our attorneys represent clients before administrative agencies and in both state and federal courts. We represent businesses in all types of litigation — from defending a business sued in a small claims court to cases in federal courts involving millions of dollars. Our attorneys always keep your interests foremost and are keenly aware of the need to deliver value and keep in constant contact with you.

Mallor Grodner maintains a robust employment law practice, representing employers large and small. We help companies prevent and resolve employment law disputes.

Strategic Planning For Your Business

Planning for the future is critical to the success of your business. You and your business may need to plan for a transition in ownership or leadership, or both. You may need to develop plans and strategies for remaining competitive in your industry. The business attorneys at Mallor Grodner work with you step-by-step to develop those plans and strategies and will also be there to assist with their implementation. Many of our attorneys have extensive hands-on experience in owning and managing businesses. We bring that experience and in-depth knowledge of business law when working with you to develop plans for transition of your business or strategic initiatives. At Mallor Grodner, we work with you as attorneys, experienced counsel and trusted advisors to ensure the success of your business and the best possible legal and life solutions.

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To speak with us about your business goals and concerns, please call us at 317-580-4959 or 317-453-2000, or complete our contact form to arrange a meeting. Mallor Grodner Attorneys have offices in Bloomington and Indianapolis and represent clients statewide.