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Our Collaborative Law Practice

Collaborative practice (also called “collaborative divorce” or “collaborative law”) is often an effective approach for resolving divorce and other family legal issues. This process empowers the parties to work with one another through a respectful series of negotiations, rather than through the courts, to make decisions about their futures. Divorce is one of the most difficult and significant life transitions that a person will ever experience. To help alleviate your burdens and minimize conflict, we provide comprehensive and holistic guidance and support.

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Leaders In The Collaborative Law Area

At Mallor Grodner, we have been instrumental in introducing collaborative practice in Indiana, including sponsoring the first collaborative training program for professionals and being among the first Indiana attorneys to offer collaborative practice as an alternative to traditional divorce litigation. We are recognized internationally as leaders in collaborative practice and are committed to offering the highest-quality collaborative experience to our clients.

Compared with other firms, Mallor Grodner has the highest number of collaborative law attorneys in all of Indiana. They have the knowledge, skills and resources to help you resolve your dispute and lay the foundation for a brighter future.

Is A Collaborative Divorce Right For You?

Throughout the collaborative process, each client receives legal advice and guidance from his or her own attorney. In addition, the parties and their attorneys have access to a team of qualified, neutral professionals who assist in addressing the entire range of financial and emotional issues that are present in divorce and other family conflict. In this way, clients receive the full array of expertise that they need from the professionals who are most qualified to help.

Collaborative law is often an effective way of addressing issues related to divorce and marital property division, as well as child custody and parenting time.

The following basic principles guide each collaborative case:

  • Pledge not to go to court
  • Voluntary and informal, yet complete, exchange of information
  • Commitment to communicate respectfully and to negotiate in good faith

At every stage, the specially trained and qualified collaborative team ensures that parties’ values are honored and their interests are protected. While the collaborative approach requires hard work and asks both parties to be their best selves, parties who choose and complete their divorce using the collaborative process frequently feel more satisfied and positive – both about themselves as well as the other person – than parties who take a more adversarial approach to divorce.

Collaborative practice is a good fit for a wide variety of individuals who want to:

  • Reduce the harmful effects of conflict for themselves and their children
  • Maintain privacy
  • Work with their spouse or other party to reach a lasting agreement that addresses both parties’ interests
  • Honor their values of peace, dignity and integrity
  • Seek assistance in learning how to parent together effectively in the future
  • Avoid the risks inherent to litigation
  • Have better control over the pace of the process
  • Achieve creative solutions in unique family circumstances

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